Mother's Day  

Einfach ein Wunderbergprodukt in den Warenkorb legen und eine Gratis feste Handcremeprobe von Wunderberg erhalten. Nur solange der Vorrat reicht...

A day just for you.....

                       ........a day to say thank you.    

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Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle kurz bei unseren Sponsoren bedanken.

Durch die Unterstützung als Sponsor können österreichische Selbstständige / Kleinunternehmer und Landwirte weiter ihrer Leidenschaft nachgehen und hochwertige, nachhaltige sowie Naturverbundene Produkte erzeugen. 

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung.

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You already know many of our great products and would like to share your joy? 

No problem, it's super easy with our gift baskets. Best of all, we pack it for you too.

You decide on one of our many lovingly assembled gift baskets or simply put one together with many great products from our shop.

We pack it up and it comes to you almost ready to give away. Simply remove the shipping protection packaging, adjust the products and give someone a very special treat with 
Austrian regional quality products.

Don't give anything.......

.....Give away handmade Austrian products made by heart.



Here you will always find the 10 newest of our carefully selected manufactories.
 With brief information and an overview of their products, which they have made for you
 with a lot of love and responsibility. From handmade works of art, jewellery, household goods, handmade fashion and upcycling fashion to natural cosmetics 
and lots of delicacies from all over Austria. 
New ones are added every week.

Handmade by Nature combines a large number of manufacturers in just one shop.

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What do I know, what do you know? Let us share our knowledge about sustainability, organic, vegan and plastic-free lifestyles, craftsmanship and much more. In our blogs we will tell you many tips and tricks on these topics. Here we will also present one or the other manufactory in more detail,
 as well as delicious recipes that you can conjure up from our ingredients.

 If you also have an important topic or tips, then please write to us and become part of the Handmade by Nature community.

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