Rotfeder Candles

Since autumn 2020, something truly magical has been happening in the region around Lake Neusiedl, when Nicole captures the most wonderful scents in wax and then preserves them.

In her tranquil manufactory handmade scented candles in glass are made from plant-based raw materials such as rapeseed or coconut wax, provided with cotton wicks, essential oils and natural fragrances. 


The candles are of course 100% free of paraffin. The wax and oils are also completely free of harmful additives. The glass containers can be easily reused, for example as spice or tea glasses.


Nicole makes her candles with great attention to detail. She creates her own fragrance compositions, pours each candle individually and by hand into the appropriate glass container and then gives them a special name in the regional language. The small works of art are then stuck with self-stamped labels. Every single candle is thus made entirely by hand.


The candles have a volume of 120 ml and are extremely sustainable due to their extra-long burning time of more than 30 hours.

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"I like being at home in my region and love the landscape, the culture and the nature there. The unusual dialect names of my candles should reflect exactly that.

Candles from Lake Neusiedl! With the charm of Burgenland."